Monday, January 7, 2013

My Perfect Short Prom Dress

I am going through a black and gold phase. I have been so obsessed with black and gold lately, so when I found this black and gold, short prom dress I was so excited. I stopped looking for dresses and bought this right away. I can't believe how perfect it is because I haven't worn a short dress to a formal yet, and really wanted to this time. Then, I find the dress in black and gold. How could it get more perfect? The dress is so fun, yet I think the colors make it look very classy. I am so excited to show it off and walk through the grand march in it. I also think that my date will look really great in a black tux with gold accents.

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Kayla C said...

Where can I buy this? It's perfect for my Sweet 16 ! E-mail me