Monday, January 7, 2013

My Perfect Short Prom Dress

I am going through a black and gold phase. I have been so obsessed with black and gold lately, so when I found this black and gold, short prom dress I was so excited. I stopped looking for dresses and bought this right away. I can't believe how perfect it is because I haven't worn a short dress to a formal yet, and really wanted to this time. Then, I find the dress in black and gold. How could it get more perfect? The dress is so fun, yet I think the colors make it look very classy. I am so excited to show it off and walk through the grand march in it. I also think that my date will look really great in a black tux with gold accents.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Custom Engagement Rings?

Every Thursday night I watch Four Weddings, on TLC, and on Sunday mornings I watch Say Yes to the Dress. I don't know why I'm so intrigued by other people's weddings, but I am and I don't think I'm the only one. These wedding shows are gaining so much popularity and I'm loving it.
If you are expecting an engagement or are planning a wedding these shows show so much inspiration. It's cool to see what the average wedding costs, what type of food is served, what the dress looks like and the bridesmaid dress, and let's not forget the ring! I was watching an episode last Thursday and noticed a bride that had a custom engagement ring. She apparently dreamed of custom engagement rings her whole life, but I had never thought/heard about it until then. Of course her ring was drop dead gorgeous ! They didn't say how much it costed but I'm assuming it was pricey because she had a pretty lavish lifestyle. It got me thinking, do you know anyone that has a customized ring? Or do you?? 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY Fabric Flowers

My latest obsession is fabric flowers. I made one of these and I got so many compliments and questions about how I made them so I thought I would add a short tutorial. Don't worry even if you aren't a sewer, you will be able to make these. I had no idea how to sew and taught myself how to make these flowers believe me when I say, "If I can do it then you can do it!" Happy crafting friends! 

Materials needed: 
Small pieces of fabric
hot glue gun

Step 1 : Cut 5 round circles, about the same size, 

Step 2: Fold in half 

Step 3: Fold in half again

Step 4: Start sewing the circular part, it will cinch (which is what you want) Don't worry about the circular side being perfectly cut or sewn, once you add an embellishment in the middle you won't see any flaws. 

Step 5: Once you have sewn the whole side it should look something like this. You want to cinch it in order to look like a flower petal. Start sewing on the second petal the same way as the first. 

 Step 6: Sew back and forth till you get the petals to connect and cinch together

                                       Step 7: Keep adding petals until you complete the flower. 
Step 8: Use your hot glue gun and add a button or jewel in the middle! I attached my flower to a headband

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gift for Mom | Waxing Poetic Jewelery

You would think shopping for your own Mom would be a simple task but it surely isn't. It seems the people you know the best are sometimes the most difficult to shop for. My Mom is a simple lady who enjoys reading, being outside, and cooking/baking. She just had a birthday and I got her cooking and baking things for that and she has an iPad where she reads books. Since it's Winter there isn't many options of outdoor activities, at least not where we live. So what to do?

I happened to be browsing online, shopping for myself of course, when I discovered the gift. My Mom doesn't like when we spend a lot of money on her but I know she secretively likes when we get her jewelry. So I thought these would be perfect! Since she isn't much of a flashy or show offy type of person I thought these waxing poetic rings would be just enough. I just don't know which to choose. Do I go the simple route or add a simple but cute design? Oh the decisions. What are you all getting for your Mom?
                NEW! - Daisy Talisman Stack Ring - Small (6)NEW! - Orb Talisman Stack Ring - Medium (7)NEW! - Heart Talisman Stack Ring - Small (6)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Christmas Gift Tags & Wrapping Paper

I went to Walgreens the other night to buy wrapping paper and it was ridiculously expensive, and not even that cute! Of course I found some more cute ideas on Pinterest, this time DIY Christmas gift card tags and wrapping paper. Instead of buying paper that isn't personable or unique, I will be creating my own. Some people, like myself, really appreciates things like this. I didn't have to buy much for these projects, I just used things I had laying around home or old scraps from past crafts.
I might make these into my Christmas cards this year...hmmm...

I mimicked this idea but instead of buying blank gift tags and decorating them I cut my own. I used paper bags and cut a gift tag shape. They aren't perfect but that's what gives them character. Next, I attached buttons into a tree shape, I didn't match them and instead just randomly placed them on the tag. I then hot glued the button on, let dry and that's it! Literally so simple and way cuter than buying them int the store. You can tape them right onto your gift package or punch a hole and attach a cute ribbon.
                      DIY wrapping paper: kraft paper and neon dot stickersWrapping.

Making your own wrapping paper sounds intimidating but it can be really simple. If you are new to the DIY wrapping paper world it's smart to start of nice and simple. Use materials that you wouldn't normally think of, like cutting up a paper grocery bag. Stamp with paint dots, add glitter or cut out snowflakes and attach. I always use the paper bag approach and attach felt flowers or fabric flowers for a rustic and cute DIY look!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

hidden photographer proposal w/ unique engagement ring

A girl I know from high school just recently got engaged. Her boyfriend, fiance now, planned a photographer to capture the moment. Of course all of her classmates, including myself, were/are super jealous! He seems like a modern day prince having this engagement planned the way he did.
The engagement took place while the couple was strolling around Minneapolis on a Sunday afternoon. Molly, the bride to be, had no idea Jack had this whole extravaganza planned. While walking across a bridge Jack stopped, got down on one knee, and confessed his love to Molly. There were tears, laughter and kisses as she barely snorted out, "yes!"

Molly couldn't believe her eyes as she checked out her diamond ring. Jack had chosen such unique enagement ring Molly couldn't believe it! Although I wasn't there to capture the moment first hand, Molly told us girls all about it. I'm very impressed that Jack had a photographer present and had gotten away with the surprise of a lifetime. They are a very happy couple and deserve all the happiness in the world!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

a hair product that could change you life

I'm not the type to jump into a shower in the morning. Many take showers in the morning to wake themselves up but I find taking a shower to do just the opposite. I shower at night because it helps calm me down and I can go to bed feeling clean. I love to wind down my night with either a lavender bath or a hot shower and afterwards apply lavender essential oils.

This nightly routine has worked out incredibly well except the fact that my hair is always a mess. I have really course hair so if I go to bed with wet hair I wake up looking like Elvis Presley and there is no way of fixing it besides a headband or hat. I do blow-dry and straighten my hair some nights but that's to much work to do everyday! Not that it has bothered me much but sometimes I wish I could easily be able to fall asleep with damp hair and wake up with somewhat manageable hair. 

Then, I found this brush! I never knew something like this existed but boy am I glad I found it. This is from It is a microfiber QuickStyle paddle brush. It is made with super absorbent microfiber materials to help dry your hair incredibly fast while giving a natural style. I literally can't wait to try this out!